Favors Received from prayers to Toni Zweifel

Seeking the intercession of men and women who have died with a reputation for holiness is a common practice in the Catholic Church. Examples of favors received through the intercession of Toni Zweifel follow.

Toni helped me sell my property

For more than three years now my husband and I have been trying to sell a piece of our land (which has no right-of-way to access it). In October, I received some prayer cards of Toni Zweifel but I had little interest in them at that time.

A month later, those prayer cards seemed to appear frequently among the files I was using. So I started to pray, asking his help to give us a buyer for our land as soon as possible. We urgently needed a big amount to help a member of the family and the sale would help solve our problem. I prayed the card of Toni many times and I began to regard him as my big brother.

A week later, our real estate agent informed us that a client of theirs had bought the plot in front of our land and that they offered to buy our property as well. I intensified my prayer using Toni’s prayer card. There was a series of on and off negotiations, but each week there was always some positive development. In the end, that client bought our property at a price acceptable to us.

I give thanks to Toni for his great help and very timely intercession. I will continue to spread devotion to him.


Makati City, Philippines

After my company was restructured

In the spring of 1998 I learned that our company, Swiss Federal Railroad, would be restructured as of January 1, 1999. This meant eliminating some 2,300 jobs, the breaking up of the company into divisions and the setting up of a central office in Bern to replace the three regional headquarters then existing, including the one in Lausanne where I was working.

I was given four days to decide whether I would accept a position in Bern, where part of my work was to be transferred. No alternative was offered. If I refused, I would be unemployed.

For various personal and family reasons, I was unable to accept the offer. At that time I had to take care of my 91-year-old father and would also have had to give up some non-professional activities.

I immediately began to pray about this. At first I had recourse to Mary and Joseph, but then, together with my wife and daughter, we began to pray every day for the intercession of Toni Zweifel (something that we still do). As time went by we asked others to join us in our prayer, among them various nephews.

Since many of my colleagues were in the same situation, I joined a special network set up by the Swiss Federal Railroad for seeking internal and external jobs. My experience was similar to being fully unemployed with the important difference, however, that my salary would largely continue to be paid for the next two years.

. . . Thanks to the help of some colleagues and old friends in the personnel department, I was able to put in a two-month internship in Bern. I wanted to do this to show my good will and flexibility. . . .

Back in Lausanne, in October 2000, I was offered a training course to become an “administrative officer.” My command of German was tested, as was my knowledge of the Swiss railway system. At the end of the course, in May 2001, I was advised to apply for a position in the accounting department. Although I had no experience in bookkeeping, I saw this as a chance to obtain a new position. I applied and was accepted.

I am very thankful to Toni for this important help.

D.F., Lausanne

Computer system unblocks itself

I work as a computer technician for a company in Lebanon that markets a software program. One day I had to make an emergency trip to a customer where the computer system that we delivered had aborted and the workers were sitting at their desks unable to work. I went there without knowing what I should do, since the problem was new to me.

It turned out to be a serious problem. The whole system was crippled. I made three or four unsuccessful attempts to restore it, as my customer became more and more nervous. Then I remembered that Lukas, a person from Switzerland who lived with us for a while, had once told us that Toni Zweifel was very efficient at solving technical problems. So I asked Toni to help me. At exactly that moment, the system began to work perfectly. My customer asked me how I had done it, and since I could not really give him the exact reason, I just said: “I don’t know myself.” That obviously did not satisfy him. He asked me to investigate the matter thoroughly so that if the problem arose again they could solve it without any loss of time.

Back at the office, the engineer in charge said that in the 25 years that he had worked with this software he had never seen a problem solve itself. He said I must be hiding something from him. I could only assure him of my honesty. But one thing was clear: we couldn’t provide the customer with the explanation he was demanding.

Then I turned to Toni again: “Since you already solved the technical problem for me, please now tell me how I can solve this situation.” And just then the customer called me and said that he had found the cause. It was a series of quite simple factors that together caused the computer failure. With this information we were able to correct the program error and prevent a future blockage.

I.P. de A., Beirut

Disneyland ride repaired

I took my children to Disneyland. We were standing in line for one of the most popular rides. After we had been waiting for an hour, the ride broke down. We waited another hour for it to be repaired. Finally my children began to get restless, so I told them that if it wasn’t repaired in another five minutes, we would leave. At that moment I remembered Toni and asked him to help. Exactly five minutes later, the ride began functioning again. We climbed in and had a great time. But as soon as we left, the ride shut down again.

M.C. de R., Guadalajara, Mexico

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