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Toni Zweifel: Thoughtfulness and Care for Others

Toni's habitual consideration for others led him to do things that were somewhat extraordinary, as illustrated by an incident one day at Zurich's central station.

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From Toni to Toni, a Son’s Prayer for his Father

A recent favor attributed to Toni Zweifel, a Swiss engineer who died with a reputation for holiness in 1989.


Family Roots of Toni’s Social Commitment

Toni Zweifel, who was born on 15 February 1938, learned from his family and from the founder of Opus Dei how to combine sanctifying his professional work with care for the most needy.

Life and Stories

Toni helped me sell my property

Toni Zweifel was born on February 15, 1938. Here is a recent favour reported from the Philippines.


Friends Speak about Toni Zweifel

The diocesan phase of Toni Zweifel's beatification cause was officially concluded on July 2 in Zurich. Some friends who knew him well share their memories of him.


Diocesan Phase of Toni Zweifel's Beatification Cause Concludes

On July 2, the closing ceremony for the diocesan phase of the beatification cause for Toni Zweifel took place in Zurich, Switzerland. Toni, an engineer who died with a reputation for holiness in 1989, summed up his life in this way: “My life has been a love story.”


“My life has been a love story”

With the closing of the diocesan phase of the beatification process of Toni Zweifel, “Avvenire” has published an article by Francesco Ognibene about his life. Here is a translation of the article.


Newsletters for Toni Zweifel

Newsletters about the Servant of God Toni Zweifel are available below

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Sensitivity in Dealing with Others

A recent newsletter about the life of Toni Zweifel, a Swiss engineer whose cause of canonization was opened on February 22, 2001, in the presence of the diocesan bishop, Amédée Grab, in Coira, Switzerland.

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Cheerful detachment from possessions

Toni Zweifel, whose cause of canonization has been opened, grew up in a family that was quite well-off. He drove an expensive two-seater sports car that his father had given him for his eighteenth birthday....

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