Lessons Atop Mt. Kenya

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Lessons Atop Mt. Kenya

Every year, staff, students and friends from Eastlands College of Technology in Nairobi get together to climb the third highest peak in Kenya, at...

Tribute to Mary

Tribute to Mary

"Why – I ask you – is Mary the Mother of Christ, other than because she gave birth to the members of Christ?" Saint Augustine praises our Lady's...

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“In our life we will find vigour and victory and depression and defeat”

If you are faithful you will be able to count yourself a conqueror. Even though you may lose some battles in your life, you will not know defeat. You can be sure that there is no such thing as failure if you act with purity of intention and with a desire to fulfill the Will of God. And then, whether you win or lose, you will always triumph in the end, because you will have carried out your work with Love. (The Forge, 199)

We are creatures and full of defects. I would almost say that we will always need defects. They are the shadow which shows up the light of God’s grace and our resolve to respond to God’s kindness. And this chiaroscuro will make us human, humble, understanding and generous.

Let’s not deceive ourselves: in our life we will find vigour and victory and depression and defeat. This has always been true of the earthly pilgrimage of Christians, even of those we venerate on the altars. Don’t you...

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