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Meditations: May 1, Saint Joseph the Worker

Some reflections that can guide our prayer on the memorial of Saint Joseph the Worker.

Fostering Interior Life

Catechesis on Saint Joseph

This book is a compilation of Pope Francis' catechetical audiences on the example and testimony of Saint Joseph from November 2021 to February 2022.

From the Church and the Pope

St. Josemaría: the "madness" of love for Saint Joseph

In this short video, St. Josemaría speaks about St. Joseph, our Lord's father and our Lady's husband. "He taught Jesus so many things and protected him when he was a child... How many trials our Lord sent him, and how gently he carried them out!"

Pray with Saint Josemaría

Meditations: Solemnity of Saint Joseph (with audio)

Some reflections to guide our prayer for the feast of the holy Patriarch on March 19th.

Fostering Interior Life

Seven Sorrows and Joys of Saint Joseph

Meditating on the seven sorrows and joys of Saint Joseph is a traditional way in the Church to get to know the Holy Patriarch better.

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Meditations: Second Sunday of Saint Joseph

The second reflection for the seven Sundays of Saint Joseph. The topics are: Saint Joseph, beloved father; model for fathers; and patron of the family.

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Life of Mary (VIII): Jesus' Presentation in the Temple

February 2nd is the feast of the Presentation. Mary offers her Son to God and learns that she too will share closely in Jesus' redemptive mission.

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Meditations: First Sunday of Saint Joseph

The first reflection for the seven Sundays of Saint Joseph. The topics are: Devotion of the Seven Sundays of Saint Joseph; Mission of the father of Jesus; Patron of the Church and the Work.

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Seven Sundays of Saint Joseph

A long-standing tradition in the Church is to prepare for the feast of Saint Joseph by dedicating the seven Sundays before March 19 to Saint Joseph, in memory of his seven sorrows and joys.

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Seventh Sunday of Saint Joseph (with audio)

Seventh reflection for the seven Sundays of Saint Joseph. The topics are: Jesus worked alongside Joseph; rediscovering the value of work; work and prayer, prayer and work.

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