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What does it mean to be Saint Raphael?

What it means to be part of Opus Dei's work of St. Raphael, according to boys and girls around the world.

Saint Raphael

Letter of Saint Josemaria about some characteristics of the spirit of Opus Dei

Thanks to Scepter (U.K.) Ltd. and the Fundación Studium, here is a digital version of Letter 6 from The Collected Letters, volume II, in which St. Josemaria wrote about some aspects of the vocation and mission of the Work, speaking particularly about secularity.


The Holy Archangels

On 29 September, we celebrate the feast of the Holy Archangels: Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael. An account of how St. Josemaria came to choose them as patrons of Opus Dei and other resources for this feast.


Prelature of Opus Dei

On 28 November 1982, St. John Paul II erected Opus Dei as a Personal Prelature by means of the Apostolic Constitution "Ut sit." Here are some videos and texts on its juridical structure and apostolic mission.

Personal prelature

Wanting To Be Children, Finding the Warmth of a Home: Filiation and Paternity in Opus Dei

On the birthday of the Prelate of Opus Dei, we reflect on fatherhood and filiation in this family.

Fostering Interior Life

A new website is available with articles in English about the history of Opus Dei. The first three articles discuss Opus Dei's growth in England, the U.S. and Australia.

Recent News

Opus Dei, Personal Prelature

From a legal standpoint, Opus Dei is a personal prelature of the Catholic Church. Prelatures are entrusted with undertaking certain pastoral activities.

Personal prelature

Footprints in the Snow

One winter's day, Josemaria went out early and saw some bare footprints in the snow. A friar was walking barefoot to offer a sacrifice to God. This segment is from an animated film on St. Josemaría's early life.

Pray with Saint Josemaría

The Central Place of Home and Family in Human Life

For the tenth anniversary of the opening of the Cultural Center Harmica, an Opus Dei center in Zagreb, Croatia, a conference was organized on the topic “The Family in the Teaching of Saint Josemaria”.


Any questions about Opus Dei?

A series of questions from journalists about Opus Dei, answered by its founder St Josemaria Escriva, and published in the book Conversations with Msgr. Escriva (1968).