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Looking at Jesus' Face

With a little imagination, we can put ourselves in Veronica's shoes. She overcame her shame and fear to comfort Jesus on the way to Calvary.

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Have You No Faith?

Before the sorrow and scandal of the Cross, we have Jesus’s silence: silence and a promise. “Behold your Mother,” He told John, promising that we would always have Mary’s example of faith and love.

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At Home in Bethany

Mary, Martha, and Lazarus are tense as they start to worry that something big is going to happen in the next few days.

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The Donkey on Palm Sunday

Why would Jesus choose a donkey to accompany him in his triumphant entry into Jerusalem? Why not a beautiful horse? Using a bit of imagination, we delve into the character of the donkey to experience this scene from the Gospel as another character.

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What a Coin is Worth

This time we’re going to put ourselves in Matthew’s shoes. He was the apostle who left his job and his life as a tax collector to follow Jesus from the day He called him to the day he died.

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The Evening of the Last Supper

“We all took our places at the table. The mood was bittersweet,” Peter says in this dramatized account of the apostles’ feelings at the Last Supper.

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A House for All Nations

Can you imagine encountering Jesus for the first time on the only day the evangelists tell us that he became extremely angry at the gates of the Temple? In this fictional account, a young Greek woman takes us through this striking episode in the life of Jesus.

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The Good News

Easter Sunday narrated by Mary Magdalene: “I had to share the good news that he was alive with everyone, and I invite you to do the same.”

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Plan of Life

A plan of life is part of the "training plan" Opus Dei offers young people to help them seek, find, and love Christ. You adapt the plan to your personal needs and circumstances.

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Pope Francis Celebrated Mass on All Saints Day in Rome's Biggest Municipal Cemetery

Pope Francis celebrated Mass on All Saints Day in Rome's biggest municipal cemetery, Campo Verano.

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