Welcome to Youth!

If you’re 13-26 years old and looking for a place to grow in faith, connect with other young people, and find useful resources for daily life, this might interest you.

Saint Raphael

Saint Josemaría, the founder of Opus Dei, always had a special vision for young people, and he relied on them when starting major projects. This section shows what that vision means in practical terms, in the formation Opus Dei offers young people like you. You’ll find content about vocation, inspiring stories, and resources to help you reflect on your own path. If you’ve ever wondered about your mission in the world, here and now, or how to live your faith in daily life, this section is for you.

For Prayer

Prayer is an essential part of our relationship with God, but sometimes we don’t know where to start, or we want to pray more intensely. The “For Prayer” section has content to help you find God in prayer and in the very centre of your being: your heart. With audios, texts, ebooks, and webstories, this section has material in a variety of formats to help you talk to God. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to deepen your life of prayer, there’s a lot here for you.

The World & I

This section is all about action: getting your hands dirty. It’s a place to share and learn from others’ experiences, inspiring you to bring your faith into your day-to-day life. You’ll find articles, case studies, and testimonies from young people around the world on topics that matter to you: dating, friendship, family, study, and work, and social initiatives. Discover how other young people are living their faith and making a difference in the world.

I Believe

If you’ve ever had doubts about your faith or want to understand the foundations of Christianity better, this section is for you. You’ll find clear explanations of the commandments, sacraments, and other doctrinal topics. It’s a space to open your mind, learn, and form deep convictions.

From young people, for young people: if you have any suggestions, write to us at youth@opusdei.org. If you want to contribute or have a story to share, let us know here.

See you around!