Transcript: Well, my personal relationship with Saint Josemaría began with "The Way." It's a book that's always in every house with people who receive formation from Opus Dei, in every school. Even though it's a well-known book, very widespread and addressed to the general public, I felt like Saint Josemaría was talking to me, telling me the points I needed to grow in. He would tell me how I was doing, what to improve, and where to go, what to polish more. I felt like all these things were for me, from Saint Josemaría to me.

What stands out the most from his life story is his joy, even in the most difficult moments, especially in the early years. Since he knew it was God's will, he had this positivity, optimism, and he always trusted that God would provide, always taking care of important things but at the same time with full confidence, total trust in God. I always think of that and I like that about him.