Transcript: People often ask me about the priest whose image I have glued to my computer, in my locker or in my car. I remember that some time ago it was a little uncomfortable and difficult for me to explain it to people, because I thought that the message of Saint Josemaría was complicated, or that it wasn't for everyone.

But I started to realize that the world is hungry for something transcendent in daily life and the call to holiness and being able to earn Heaven through daily life completely changes the meaning of life for many people. So from that point on, when people ask me, or something related comes up, like, "Oh, I go to an Opus Dei centre,"or, "This is Saint Josemaría..." now it is very easy for me to share the message with them and tell them, "It's about 'earning' Heaven in your daily life by doing your job well, loving others and offering your difficulties to God," and this changes a lot of people's way of seeing life, either because
the idea stays with them or because, for some of my friends, this vision changed their whole lives and now they work to be better everyday and to earn Heaven in ordinary life.