Transcript: My life was a mess and I decided to set up my own kind of Christianity, and I saw that it didn't really work.

I’m from a normal Christian family. I loved playing football and I played on my hometown’s team. I loved going out with my friends. So you grow up and start partying. You like going out with girls and you start drinking… And, yeah, at that point, you start to distance yourself from God because you’re not living coherently. You say, “Alright, if I want to go out with my friends and drink and smoke and all that…,” it's not coherent with later saying, “Sure, I’m going to Sunday Mass.” You still believe in God; you know He's there, but there’s a contradiction in your life, you know? I go out with my friends on Saturday and I have five drinks, and then I go to Mass on Sunday… And that's it. I’d go to confession and that's it.

That works two or three times, but by the fourth time you’re too tired to go to Confession, and the fifth you wonder why you’re going to Mass. And you start drifting away and then you start doing whatever… Maybe you sleep with the girl you just met… And if you loved God before or you think of Him, it’s tough. You know you're not doing what your soul actually wants.

I went to Nicaragua to volunteer. I had grown up knowing the Work, but I didn't see myself there.

There were a lot of things… I wanted to set up my own kind of religion, because I didn't want to give much up. I mean, I wanted to give some things up, but in my own way. Then I realized that it didn't work because I kept falling into the same mistakes. And yes, little by little I realized that maybe if I went back to means of formation it would be good for me.