Pope at Regina Coeli Asks Crowd to Applaud Guadalupe

Today in Rome, Pope Francis asked for applause for the new Blessed Guadalupe Ortiz during the recitation of the Regina Coeli. Meanwhile, at the Mass of Thanksgiving celebrated in Madrid, the prelate of Opus Dei, Fernando Ocáriz, recalled that each saint is "a work of God."

Pope Francis wanted to join in the joy of the beatification, and during the Regina Coeli prayer this morning in St Peter's Square, he spoke about Guadalupe, “a lay faithful of Opus Dei who gladly served her brothers and sisters by teaching and proclaiming the Gospel.”

Her witness is an example for Christian women engaged in social activities and in scientific research," said the Holy Father. "Let's give an applause to the new Blessed!"

The prelate of Opus Dei, Monsignor Fernando Ocáriz, who presided over the Mass of Thanksgiving this Sunday at the Vistalegre Arena in Madrid with over 12,000 people in attendance, encouraged those present to open themselves "more fully to the works that God wants to accomplish through each one."

In his homily (which you can read here), he cited a letter written by Guadalupe to Saint Josemaria from Mexico in 1954, in which the new blessed opens her heart to the founder of Opus Dei, talking about her desire to be a saint.

"'I want to be holy' – this is the challenge that Guadalupe accepted for her life and that filled her with happiness." The Prelate pointed out that Guadalupe didn't have to do "extraordinary things" in order to reach holiness. “In the eyes of the people around her, she was an ordinary person: worried about her family, going from place to place, finishing one task and starting another, trying to correct her defects little by little.”

"Each saint is a work of God, a way of making Himself present in our world, and 'the most attractive face of the Church.'" The beatification of Guadalupe, "the first layperson of Opus Dei to be set forth as a model of holiness by the Church... reminds us of the call that God makes to all of us to be saints, as Saint Josemaria preached since 1928."

Writing the true story

Guadalupe traveled the world over to make this mission a reality, from Madrid to Bilbao, Mexico, Rome ... And like the first apostles, she faced difficulties and challenges, including a heart disease that robbed her of strength and ultimately led to her death in 1975.

"We too will face difficulties along our path: moments of fatigue, physical pain, misunderstandings... In these moments, we can remember the attitude of the saints, seeking in our relationship with Jesus the way to encourage, console and fill the place where we are with good."

The Prelate encouraged those present to let God work in them as well, allowing Him “write the true story of our world”: the story of the saints.

Before the ceremony began, a niece of the new blessed with her exact same name -- Guadalupe Ortiz de Landázuri -- thanked everyone present on behalf of the family.

"We are excited and very grateful: look at how many people have devotion to our beloved aunt," she said, looking around at the audience. Guadalupe's niece also recalled that, for their family, "Aunt Guadalupe" was always exceptional, and she thanked the Holy Father, Saint Josemaría, Cardinal Angelo Becciu and the prelate of Opus Dei, Fernando Ocáriz.