"Isidoro was always ready to help anyone"

A recent favor attributed to the intercession of Venerable Isidoro Zorzano (13 September 1902 - 15 July 1943), and his 2020 and 2021 Newsletter in pdf format.

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Isidoro Zorzano helped me find work

I promised Venerable Isidoro Zorzano that I would write this account if he would help me with my request.

I am a recent graduate of Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering. Graduating during a pandemic has made it difficult for me and my classmates to find suitable employment. The economy is in recession, with increasing unemployment. Six months after applying to different companies, I still didn’t have a full-time job. My parents' income was severely affected by the pandemic and our family savings were being depleted as the months passed.

My parents were living in the province during the lockdown. I was staying in a dormitory at the university. To be of help (albeit in a little way) I told them that I would support myself financially by looking for part-time jobs. Thanks be to God, I found a part-time job that enabled me to stay in the dorm and allowed me to look for job opportunities. The income from my part-time jobs was not enough though and my payables were increasing every month.

I had been praying the prayer card of Isidoro daily for months now, together with St. Josemaria’s Novena for Work. My job hunting was progressing. I was contacted and interviewed by several companies and I had passed various assessments. But there was no job that seemed imminent. Then I was told that the multinational company where I did my internship had three positions open and needed personnel urgently. This company freezed its hiring temporarily. Thus, when they re-opened, hundreds of applicants applied for these positions. Yet, thanks be to God and his unfathomable providence, I was referred to the hiring managers and got an interview right away.

The day of the interview came and it went well. However, a week passed and I did not get any feedback or message from the company.

On September 2, I asked Isidoro to land me the job the following day, when I planned to contact the company. In exchange, I would write to the Office for the Causes of Saints about this favor, do a pilgrimage, and talk to my friends about attending a virtues talk. Late morning of the next day, I sent my follow up email to the company.

It was 6:00 pm and there was no reply. I was thinking that perhaps the job wasn’t really for me. I carried on with my activities and then I received a call from the company. They told me that they got positive feedback regarding my interview and asked me to wait another day. Lo and behold, I was given the job the next day!

I know it was Isidoro. Would the company call me after office hours on the day that I specified to Isidoro, just to tell me that they got positive feedback? And they gave me not just a decent full-time job but a high-paying one, considering the current status of entry-level work. I am convinced that it was a favor granted through Isidoro’s intercession. Words cannot express the supernatural joy that it brought me. It further strengthens in me the certainty that our brothers and sisters who are already in their heavenly home are watching over us closely.

B.B., Pasig City, Philippines, September 8, 2020

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