Favors received from prayers to the Alviras

Some favors granted through the intercession of the Alviras.

On January 30, my daughter Blanca was born. On February 6, the baby started having difficulty breathing so I decided to take her to the hospital. They tried using an aerosol spray and a saline solution to ease her breathing, but nothing seemed to work. Her breathing became steadily more labored and she was sent to intensive care. On returning home, I happened to see the Alviras prayer card and said: “I’m going to get them working.” And I entrusted my daughter to them.

I went back to the hospital, where my daughter had undergone a bronchoscopy. They told me that the doctor wanted to speak with me. He showed me a black plastic drawing pin that the baby had spit out. I recognized it as coming from the set my other daughters sometimes play with. He told me it seemed impossible that a small baby could have lived eight days with this in her air passage, and that by all rights she should have died. They asked me for permission to use this example in their medical classes. After showing the pin to some family members, I mislaid it and couldn’t find it. Although I was convinced that the happy outcome was due to the intercession of Tomás and Paquita, I asked them for another favor: if they were the ones behind it, to help me to find the pin. And that’s exactly what happened.

M.J.S.M. Madrid

I have lived and worked in Spain for two years now and often call home to Bolivia to talk with my mother. She told me that she was very worried about the marriage situation of two of my brothers. The wife of my older brother owed a large debt she couldn’t pay back, and he didn’t want to take any responsibility for it. This had led to a lot of tension, until one day she left without even saying goodbye. They have three children.

Another of my brothers, Ruben, also separated from his wife recently. I was very worried, since I couldn’t do anything to help from so far away. When I had been living in Bolivia, I had managed to talk with them and smooth things over when needed, but now I felt helpless. I thought of Paquita and Tomás and began going with faith to their intercession every day. After a week I spoke once again with my mother, who couldn’t believe what had happened. In a completely unexpected way, both couples had reunited.

My older brother went to look for his wife in the small village she is from in the jungle. She is a teacher and had a job there. He convinced her to come home with him and now they are a couple again. He is helping to pay off her debt and they are more united than ever. Seeing their example, the wife of my other brother went to look for him and told him he could come home. Since then he is dedicating more time to his family, and has started to go to Sunday Mass again. He says he’s very happy now. I am convinced that I owe these favors to Paquita and Tomás.


We have a large family. Two of my brothers were having difficulties getting married. The area where they live is suffering from a very depressed economy and they were unable to find steady work. Besides, they were now getting older and had become quite discouraged about finding wives. I began to pray to the Alviras to solve their problems and help them get married, if that was the best for them.

Last year the eldest brother finally married. He was over forty and his bride as well, and both found steady work. They’ve now bought a house and have a beautiful daughter. What a great favor!

The second brother, who is also nearly forty, has worked off and on for the government but never received a steady position. A new state law left him out of work and quite discouraged. But he recently regained his job and his fiancée improved her own work situation. And now they’re married.

P.G-Ll. Pamplona

I had been engaged for almost three years and was about to get married, when some serious problems arose. We decided to break up since he refused to accept the life I felt I was called to follow. At the same time I was under a lot of pressure at work and also preparing for some state exams. I prayed each day the prayer card for the intercession of the Alviras asking them to find “a husband like Tomás” for me.

I decided to move back in with my family for awhile and began going to a nearby Mass. There I met a young friend of my brother’s, and we began going out together.

One day he told me that, when with his previous fiancée, he prayed to Paquita and Tomás and saw clearly that he shouldn’t go ahead with the marriage. From that time on we began praying the prayer card together and have a shared petition: “that you help us love each other as you did and to carry out God’s will.” Thank you!

L.L.G. Cordoba