It was just 3 questions...

"I want to thank God and Guadalupe for showing me that miracles not only happen to other people, but can also happen to me."

I had to repeat an exam that I initially suspended because I had not prepared enough, for circumstances beyond my control. This time I was able to study a lot, and I was feeling quite confident because I knew I was employing all the means at my disposal to succeed, and I had no doubt that higher powers would also lend me a hand and ensure that the topics I knew best would be the ones to show up on the exam (this often happens when I try with all my heart).

The exam consisted of 3 questions. When the teacher dictated the first one, I was excited because I knew it almost by heart. When he dictated the second one I got anxious, because it was one of the few topics I had not studied. I calmed myself down thinking that the next and last one would be one I had memorized from head to toe, and listened attentively to the third question. My soul fell to my feet when I heard that it was the other topic that I had not studied much. I started to write very frustrated and, after the first question, I tried to accommodate answers from other subjects to the other two questions, adding the little I knew about the subject in question to make it clear to the teacher that I had studied and that I did know most of his subject.

I hoped that he would show me some mercy, especially considering that I am studying law in a language that is not mine, and the subject of the exam was the history of the country itself (i.e. very little legal content). After the exam, I began a prayer campaign asking for Guadalupe's help, inviting friends and family to accompany me. Although the wait was stressful - repeating the exam a third time would be very expensive - words cannot describe the relief I felt upon receiving the grade of "pass".

Let me clarify: it's not that I lacked faith, but this professor has a reputation for being very demanding, and the truth is it was highly unlikely that I would pass his exam. So, although I know that this favor can do little to advance Guadalupe's cause of canonization, I want to make it clear that her intercession in this event is just as meritorious and miraculous as if a tumor had disappeared. This is my way of thanking God and Guadalupe for showing me that miracles not only happen to other people, but can also happen to me.

M.J.E., Romania

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