To the Doctors’ Surprise

When my nephew was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, I started praying to Guadalupe. To the doctors’ surprise, the child finished treatment without any chronic conditions

Opus Dei - To the Doctors’ SurprisePhoto: DVIDSHUB — Flickr (CC)

Three months ago, we learned that my 16-month-old nephew has an autoimmune disease which mainly attacks the body's red blood cells. We did not know the origin and the doctors were confused because nobody in the family has a medical history that would explain it.

My nephew went to a government hospital, where the resources are not of the highest quality, and it was very difficult to get the right diagnosis. While undergoing various blood studies, my nephew got worse. His hemoglobin levels reached 3 g/dL.[1]

I started using Guadalupe’s prayer card to ask for her intercession when my nephew entered the hospital. His hemoglobin level continued to fall, along with his platelet count, and the doctors hadn’t been able to find the right treatment. I continued praying the prayer card. It was necessary to place a central catheter twice and, despite the low platelet count, there were no complications. Finally the doctors found the diagnosis: Macrophage Activation Syndrome (MAS).

They started the treatment on my nephew. It was necessary to place him in an isolated cubicle, since his immune cells would drop and there would be a risk of infection. There was also a risk that the treatment or MAS itself would leave my nephew with chronic side effects. The treatment lasted a full month, a month of fighting the disease with increasingly powerful drugs. It reached the point of using high doses of chemotherapy drugs, which can significantly affect the organs in a one-year-old child.

We continued praying, and we asked our friends to also use Guadalupe’s prayer card to pray to her. At the most difficult moment during treatment, it was necessary to give my nephew a blood transfusion. Finally, the medicine took effect and his hemoglobin and platelet levels began to rise.

Guadalupe did quite a thorough miracle, because, to the doctors' surprise, the child left without any chronic side effects despite the high doses of medication. Nor have they detected any chronic side effects of MAS. We are very grateful to Guadalupe, both for coming to Mexico and for interceding from Heaven for my nephew’s healing of my nephew.

A.M. - Mexico, March 6, 2018

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[1] For reference, 9.5 to 13 g/dL is a typical hemoglobin level in infants. Source: