Details No One Sees

Gavin Dixon works in a garage in Ireland repairing cars. A Cooperator of Opus Dei, he says he is grateful for learning how to turn his work into prayer, by caring for details only God sees.

I received Baptism and Confirmation when I was young, but didn’t have a deep understanding of the faith. A friend invited me to attend the monthly recollections and, little by little, I discovered the reasons behind the faith.

I work in a garage. I paint many vehicles that have been repaired after an accident and, as I’m working on each one, I ask God for some particular intention. I often work on parts of the car that are not seen but, since I try to offer my work as a prayer, I pay great attention to detail in these areas.

Learning how to apply the Catholic faith in a practical way and teaching others to do so is something I find really attractive, and it helps me deepen my relationship with Christ.

Gavin Dixon was born in Sligo, Ireland, and lives in Dublin.