Between books, contracts and troubles

For many years, Blessed Alvaro was in charge of carrying out financial matters that Saint Josemaría entrusted to him. For this reason, people from all over the world turn to his intercession in similar situations. We publish some favours narrated in the first person.

I would like to write up a favour to thank Don Alvaro for his intercession and to show how he helps with favours that seem small, but never are so for God.

We are a large family with several children and expecting another one, in a precarious situation, because for a long time it has been hard or us to make ends meet and to face unforeseen events.


I prayed the prayer card to him daily, thinking about the financial arrangements that he made even when he had a fever and went against the grain, while I was totally abandoned to divine providence. To my surprise I managed to sell many books and at a good price in a matter of a few days. I will boldly commend to him the sale of all the books, and from now on he will be the intercessor for the financial support of the family.

I wanted to put on record and thank him through this letter for the effective help of Don Álvaro to our family.


Some years ago, my husband stopped being happy with his job in a company where he had been for more than 20 years. Obviously, by resigning, he would lose his long service leave and consequently his seniority, and without this support he would hardly be able to undertake a new project. Our three children were still young, my salary was not enough to support the expenses of the house and the schools, and we could not do without my husband's work.

We began to pray with great devotion to Don alvaro, since I knew that he had been very good at negotiations and Saint Josemaría always relied heavily on him. My husband and I had made a list of the ideal circumstances in which he could think of leaving the company where he worked, without losing his seniority and without being on bad terms with his employers. We always asked Don Alvaro to help us for everything to turn out in the best possible way for our family.


After a while praying the prayer card, my husband ended his contract with the company, they respected in full his long service leave (and his seniority) and he managed to set up his own office, just as we had asked Don Álvaro.

M. D.C. V.

My work is dedicated to promoting training programs for company managers. Ordinarily my work involves great challenges, since the sale of intangibles is difficult. With the pandemic, sales collapsed. Faced with the upcoming opening of a management program, several participants withdrew because of the uncertainty we are experiencing. The situation was tense.


I prayed several prayer cards to Don Alvaro. I asked him: “Help us to complete the group that we need and that my colleagues can make sales.” We needed five more participants to reach the minimum. I told my director that I was going to entrust the matter to Don Alvaro. During the pandemic, my director managed to find two participants, another colleague and I added two more. The matter did not end there. The company I sold to, just bought four more programs, which gives me a total of five participants. I'm sure Don Alvaro's help was the key thing.

M. A. M. R. – Mexico

Picture: Krakenimages - Unsplash