My "Wild Novena" to Guadalupe

We desperately needed to sell our old house in order to buy a new one. I didn't even know who Guadalupe was, but I randomly discovered her on the Opus Dei website.

It had been a long time since the house we bought in 2009 had become too small for us. Our family had grown from four children to six, and the older ones needed more space. At the beginning of 2018, we had a good opportunity to buy a bigger house. Not only did it have more square meters and a terrace, but it also offered very good financial conditions.

There was only one disadvantage: we were asked to formalize the sale within one month. That made it impossible to sell the house on time, pay the mortgage and buy a new one. Even so, we decided not to let this opportunity pass, since everyone told us that our old house would sell very quickly. But it was not so.

What we expected would happen in 2 months prolonged significantly and the economic situation started to become exasperating. In September, I decided that I needed to do what I call a ‘wild novena’: 9 prayer cards during 9 consecutive days. And in order to choose the intercessor, I went to the Opus Dei website and started looking for favours related to selling houses. That's how I found Guadalupe and the favour ‘Guadalupe's Help in Paying Back a Debt’.

The day after I finished my wild novena, a buyer came to visit our house and ultimately bought it.

J.P.Y. Spain

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