“You are able to call yourself a son of God”

Give thanks often to Jesus, for through him, with him and in him you are able to call yourself a son of God. (The Forge, 265)

If we feel we are beloved sons of our Heavenly Father, as indeed we are, how can we fail to be happy all the time? Think about it. (The Forge, 266)

How beautiful our Christian vocation is ‑‑ to be sons of God! It brings joy and peace on earth which the world cannot give. (The Forge, 269)

Ut in gratiarum semper actione maneamus!, may we be always giving thanks. Dear God, thank you, thank you for everything: for what goes against me, for what I don’t understand, for the things that make me suffer. The blows are necessary to hack away what is superfluous from the huge block of marble. That is how God sculptures the image of his Son in souls. Be grateful to God for those caresses! (The Way of the Cross, Sixth Station, 4)

When we Christians have a hard time of it, it is because we are not giving to this life all its divine meaning. Where the hand feels the prick of thorns, the eyes discover a bunch of splendid, fragrant roses. (The Way of the Cross, Sixth Station, 5)

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