"Why doesn't God kill the devil?"

On August 31, in Cologne, the Prelate of Opus Dei met with 1,200 people from Germany, Belgium and Holland. During the get-together, an 8 year old boy asked a surprising question. With photo gallery.

In this get-together with families, Bishop Javier Echevarría asked everyone to pray for Pope Francis, and expressed gratitude for the service Benedict XVI had rendered to the Church. He also insisted that everyone had to “go out into the world and speak about God.”

An eight year old boy kept raising  his hand until finally he was allowed to ask a very original question.

"Why doesn’t God kill the devil?"

"He has let him live so that you and I struggle—you and I, right?—so that we struggle against the offense of the devil, who doesn’t want us men and women to come to share in eternal happiness.

Although you probably don’t realize fully yet what this means, God has created the world, and he has created us, granting us an extraordinary gift, that of freedom, which we can use for good or for evil.

The devil has used it and will always use it for evil, until the final victory of Christ comes. We have to tell the devil: get out! Don’t let him enter into your life.

And pray, pray for all the young children in Germany and in the whole world, so that they may learn their faith well, learn the catechism of the Church, learn what the Gospel says.

You will see how our Lord, who gave you freedom so that you decide to throw the devil out of your life, will make you each day happier.

May God bless you.

Did you understand?"