"The Church will be shaped by us young people"

In October 2018, a Synod of Bishops will address the topic “Young People, the Faith and Vocational Discernment.” An interview with a high school student about her own faith and how young people can share their faith with others.

Angela, who studies at Oakcrest School in Virginia, shares her perspective on explaining the faith today, as well as on the upcoming synod.

How would you explain to someone what it means to be a Catholic or a Christian?

I would say it’s not something you do; it’s something you live. It’s from belief in a Person, and we try to imitate that Person: Jesus Christ. And we try to do what he asked us to do. And that doesn’t mean that we compartmentalize our faith; it isn’t just in one area. For me, I go to a Catholic school: that doesn’t mean I just practice my faith at school. It should be everywhere, and in everything that you do. That doesn’t mean that to every person you talk to, you say, “Oh, I’m Catholic!” No, you just live it, and you lead by example and you show by example. And I think that’s really the core of Christianity: doing real things that everyone else does, and you can influence so many people, by living the way that Our Lord asked us to.

I think Pope Francis understands the importance of giving the youth solid formation, so that they can be the true strong foundation of the Church.

Why do you think Pope Francis has called for a meeting on the youth?

I think that the youth is a really important focus, because the Church will be shaped by the next generation, which is us: the young of the Church. So I think that Pope Francis understands the importance of reaching out to the young people, and giving them solid formation so that they can fulfill their vocations and be the true strong foundation of the Church.