St. Josemaria's "Way of the Cross" in audio

A devotion for Lent (and during the year) to contemplate the Passion of Christ.

In "The Way of the Cross: A Path to Holiness" St. Josemaría Escriva gives us thought-provoking yet simple reflections on the Stations of the Cross that can help us live more presence of God in our daily lives. Guided by his wisdom, may we grow ever closer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus during these days of Lent and suffer all that our Lord suffered.

Christ wants us to keep Him company as the time of our redemption draws closer. Each Station is an invitation to contemplate the sacrifice He made for our salvation and try to understand it. St Josémaría's words help us to be more deeply united to Christ by placing us at the scene of each Station as an onlooker, a Simon, Veronica, or even our dear Mother, Mary. The Way of the Cross moves our hearts and leads us towards holiness, especially during this season of Lent.

Christ invites you to walk alongside Him and share the burden of carrying the instrument of our salvation. Embrace the crosses in your own life and offer them as you seek to live in union with our Lord. As you listen to this audio may it deepen your faith and inspire you to push forward in your daily struggles and be sure that Christ has always been, is now, and forever will be at your side every step of the way.

Audio of The Way of the Cross