Prayer of Blessed Alvaro to Our Lady of Fatima

Blessed Alvaro del Portillo, whose feast day is celebrated on May 12, made a pilgrimage to Fatima in January 1989 to pray for the Church and the world. Here are the words of the prayer that he read out loud.

Blessed Alvaro del Portillo

Personal prayer in the Sanctuary of Fatima (January 25, 1989):

Mother of ours, you lovingly receive the petitions that the hearts of the whole world raise up, trusting in your powerful intercession.

I know that you always hear us, but still we have wanted to come from Rome to tell you what you already know: that we love you, but want to love you more.

Help us to serve the Church as she wants to be served: with our whole heart, with complete self-giving, with loyalty and faithfulness.

It is the only thing that interests us, and it is what I have come to ask from you, thinking of the whole Work; that we may serve ever better the Holy Church, guided by the Pope and the bishops in each diocese; that we may provide more help to the entire people of God.

Immaculate Virgin, Mother of Fair Love: you see how the world is escaping from Jesus, how the Christian family is falling apart, how this civilization of ours is inflicting on our Lord so many offenses.

Have mercy on the souls that sin has made selfish, and who are unable to raise their heart to tell you “Mother of ours” and to tell your Son: “Here we are!”

Move them, and move us, so that we may decide to follow Jesus along the narrow path of self-denial, which we need to travel even when we find it hard.

Remind us that our Lord’s Cross isn’t heavy, because He, Jesus, will be our Simon of Cyrene, who carries it with us and who died for our salvation.

Mother of ours, help us!

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