29 New Deacons: "May your hearts beat in unison with the heart of Jesus"

This morning, 29 faithful of Opus Dei received the diaconate from the hands of Monsignor Andrés Gabriel Ferrada, Secretary of the Dicastery for the Clergy.

On 18 November, 29 faithful of Opus Dei from 19 countries received the diaconate in the Roman Basilica of St. Eugene

The ceremony took place in the Roman Basilica of St. Eugene, where numerous family members and friends accompanied the candidates for the diaconate with their prayers and affection. A recording of the ceremony can be found here.

In his homily, Bishop Ferrada emphasized that in the life of a person dedicated to God, "everything comes down to love [and] friendship with Christ." 

"Only love is credible," he reminded the ordinands, "and you will be credible if you plunge into the ocean of divine love, into listening to the word of God, into the sacraments and service, learning from everyone."

Mentioning each candidate by name, the bishop also reminded them that "He loves us as the Father loves the Son, that is, without limits and without measure. His death on the Cross for love, for us, his friends (Jn 15:14), is the incontrovertible proof of this. Jesus loves each one of us in the same way, and today He repeats it to these dear ones chosen for the diaconate: Yes, you, personally, he loves you and calls you a friend, not a servant (Jn 15:15). With Him, you will be 'co-servants,' but for Him, you are and will always be friends."

"The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore, pray to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest." Reminding them of these words of Jesus, Bishop Ferrada added: "You are the answer to the incessant prayer of so many people in the Church, starting with your loved ones: your mother, father, grandparents, uncles, friends, and the Christian community, priests and religious, all those who have nurtured you in the faith."

"Yes," he added, "you are also the 'answer' to the sacrifice of so many faithful who, united to the crucified Christ, have offered and continue to offer the sufferings of illness, voluntary deprivation, or the serene acceptance of various circumstances for your fidelity and perseverance. But the commitment continues: we are all called to continue interceding for these dear friends chosen for the diaconate on their way to the priesthood."

At the end of the homily, he emphasized, "With all those present, with the Prelate and with the other priests of the Prelature, with the lay people dedicated to their apostolic works, with your families, with your friends, and alongside all who love you, we wish you a very fruitful diaconal ministry, rooted in the love and joy of the Lord, who has warmly called you 'friends' and chosen you 'to go and bear fruit and that your fruit should abide' (Jn 15:16)."

At the end of the ceremony, the Prelate of Opus Dei, Monsignor Fernando Ocáriz, expressed his gratitude and affection to the new deacons and their families, with whom he spent some time in the basilica's courtyard after the ceremony.

The 29 new deacons are:

• Cecil Otieno Agutu (Kenya)

• Ricardo Alanís Cristóforo (Mexico)

• Chinwike Simon-Jude Asolibe (Nigeria)

    • Renie Cavales Toco (Philippines)

    • Gaétan Cœurderoy (France)

    • Javier de Juan Pardo (Spain)

    • José de la Pisa Pérez de los Cobos (Spain)

    • Juan Carlos Díaz Palacio (Mexico)

    • Jordi Farreras Tió (Spain)

    • Matteo Frondoni (Switzerland)

    • Abraham Geraldez Briones (Philippines)

    • Pedro Gil Nogués (Cameroon)

    • Clemens Maria Gudenus (Austria)

    • Jaime Hernández Ojeda (United States)

    • Juan Pablo Hinojosa Gómez (Australia)

    • Javier Jauquicoa Martinena (Spain)

    • Francisco Javier Jiménez Aguilar (El Salvador)

    • Carlos Augusto Lisboa Santos (Brazil)

    • Djuna Pascal Mansinsa Mvuala (D.R. Congo)

    • José Angel Márquez Urízar (Mexico)

    • José María Morales de Álava (Sweden)

    • Daniele Mottura (Italy)

    • Wai Leung Ng (Hong Kong, China)

    • Marcial Eleno Núñez Álvarez (Paraguay)

    • José Fernando Pérez Aguilar (Mexico)

    • Álvaro Piquer Altarriba (Spain)

    • Alberto Hikaru Shintani (Japan)

    • Roberto Sorrenti (Italy)

    • Agustín Torres Gómez (Mexico)