How did St Josemaria imagine St Joseph?

The Seven Sundays of St. Joseph is a devotion to the patron of the universal Church. On the seven Sundays preceding his feast, March 19, the faithful have traditionally contemplated seven sorrows and joys in his life. Illustrated leaflet downloadable in pdf.

I see him as a strong young man, perhaps a few years older than our Lady, but in the prime of his life and work. We know that he was not well-to-do: he was just a worker, like so many millions of people throughout the world. He worked at the same demanding and humble job which God chose for himself when he took our flesh and came to live just like the rest of us for thirty years. Scripture tells us St Joseph was a craftsman. The Gospels give us a picture of Joseph as a remarkably sound man who was in no way frightened or shy of life. On the contrary, he faced up to problems, dealt with difficult situations and showed responsibility and initiative in whatever he was asked to do.

Christ is Passing By, no. 40

1st sorrow: When his mother Mary had been betrothed to Joseph, before they came together she was found to be with child of the Holy Spirit. (Mt 1:18)

The custom of the Seven Sundays of St Joseph

A long-standing tradition in the Church is to prepare for the feast of St Joseph on March 19 by dedicating the seven Sundays before it to St Joseph, in memory of his seven sorrows and joys. Pope Gregory XVI encouraged this devotion to St Joseph by attaching many indulgences to it, and Blessed Pope Pius IX asked the faithful to petition St Joseph to alleviate the afflictions of the universal Church in those times.

Downloadable leaflet on the seven sorrows and joys of St Joseph with illustrations from the shrine of Torreciudad, Spain.