Blessed Alvaro del Portillo Newsletter No. 8 (2021)

Alvaro del Portillo, Saint Josemaria's first successor at the head of Opus Dei, was beatified on 27 September 2014. A newsletter focusing on the central role of friendship and fraternity in his life.

Download Newsletter No. 8 here.

Blessed Alvaro’s friendly and open character, his strong fraternity and deep awareness of his divine filiation, led him to act as a brother to everyone and a good friend to his friends. He fostered friendship until the last hours of his life on earth, and showed that his friends were friends for life.

On Blessed Alvaro’s 80th birthday, Saint John Paul II sent him a handwritten letter calling him a “venerable and dear friend.”

This Newsletter highlights the importance of fraternity and friendship in Blessed Alvaro's life. It also reports on some recent favours obtained through his intercession.