Bisi Falodun: Encounter with the Catholic Faith

Bisi Falodun was the first numerary member of Opus Dei in Nigeria. She died on 23rd February 2018. In this video she recounts how she left her Anglican background for the Catholic Church. She said, "If the Catholic Church was the first Church as stated in history books, I want to belong to the first Church."

The study of History as a subject in Secondary School, was providential for Bisi's encounter with the Faith. Edmund Burke states that, "In history, a great volume is unrolled for our instruction, drawing the materials of future wisdom from the past errors and infirmities of mankind." This is true because history narrates the truth about things, and truth is neither subjective nor relative.

Nothing happens by chance rather, Christ leads us to himself by the power of His Spirit. Learning from Bisi's life, we could pay more attention to the workings of the Holy Spirit in us, urging us to study revealed truths, and work out our salvation knowing that God looks out for us more than we can ever imagine.