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Unlikely Friends: Keagan and Trevor

“We’ve created a judgment-free (or ‘lighthearted judgment only’) environment in our friendship.” In this series of interviews, pairs of friends from different parts of the world talk about how they met, what they value about each other, and how they navigate their differences.

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New Beginnings in South Africa

Alexandra, commonly known as Alex, is a township in Johannesburg and one of the poorest urban areas in South Africa. Within this township lies St. Hubert Catholic Church, which hosts the Ithubelisha programme for girls aged 9–17.

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Thato's Journey in Faith

Thato from South Africa shares her story with the Prelate of Opus Dei and the participants at the 2017 UNIV congress in Rome, describing how she arrived at the Catholic Church after a journey of searching. A few days after this get-together, Thato came into the Church during the celebration of the Easter Vigil.

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