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"Los Americanos" Have Arrived

A group of ten high school students from the US spent their Christmas break this year serving the townspeople of Santa Caterina Palopo, Guatemala, where they say they received more than they gave.

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The Impact of a Few Days of Service

"When I was in high school, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania were distant lands. But an unexpected opportunity to organize a service project in Lithuania brought the Baltic countries a lot closer to home."

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"The people are so wonderful"

A group of high school boys from New York City spent their winter recess in Guatemala doing all they could to improve the lives of the people in a poor village high in the mountains.

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Faith and Freedom in Vietnam

Four decades after the Communist suppression of the Catholic Church, Xavier Symons travelled with 14 high school boys to Vietnam on a service project. The boys all attend Nairana Study Centre, a centre of Opus Dei in Sydney.

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