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"You will know when He calls you"

Blessing Nina Emmanuel talks about journey to the faith, inspired by her family and the chaplain at her university.

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“I count my joys instead”

Chidinma describes how she found happiness through a friend and a three week internship at Wavecrest Students Hall, Surulere, Lagos.

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Joining the Family

Genesis, a 3D programmer in Lagos, Nigeria, found his new home in the Church, with encouragement from a friend and help from an app.

Personal testimonies

Workshop on Family Accompaniment

A recent workshop at the International University of Catalonia in Barcelona helped many couples from all over the world to reflect on how to accompany families more effectively in today´s society.

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Online Conversation with Prof. Franca Ovadje

On Tuesday 8 March, for International Women's Day, an online conversation has been organized with Prof. Franca Ovadje in Nigeria, on the need for women to take on leadership roles in developing countries.

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"Beginning and beginning again!"

Writing from Nigeria, Jacinta describes her struggle to overcome her addiction to Instagram, and the help she received from the writings of Saint Josemaria.

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Saint Josemaria in Nigeria

The adventure of organising a Mass in honour of Saint Josemaria in Abeokuta, Nigeria. This year, over 200 Masses were celebrated in cities and towns around Nigeria.

Devotion and Favors

A Priest on a Dusty Road

Fr. Joaquim Cabanyes died at the age of 62 in Nigeria, due to Covid-19. Jaime remembers meeting him on a hot dusty road 20 years ago, in the middle of Nigeria.

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My Benin Food-Drive in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Ella, a recent graduate, shares her experience in assisting the needy in Benin City. Despite being in Calabar, she was able to work remotely in organizing a team of volunteers in Benin to provide palliatives and health and safety measures to some indigent people in Benin City.

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"A woman of steel, in following Christ"

A testimony to Rosario "Charo" Basterra, who helped begin Opus Dei's apostolic work with women in Nigeria. The story includes an amateur video by Chinenye O.

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