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The Annunciation: Mary Draws out our Ability to Love (Audio)

A short meditation by Fr. Eric Nicolai of Toronto, Canada.

Fostering Interior Life

Beseeching our Lady for the Church

In a 1987 Letter, Bishop Alvaro del Portillo asks us to feel "the urgency to take upon our own shoulders the needs of the Church, dedicating our entire life."


"Totus Tuus!"

John Paul II entrusted his life to Mary with these words: "Totus tuus ego sum!" (I am all yours). In this month dedicated to our Lady, we offer some words from the new Saint on God's Mother. With link to "How to pray the Rosary" and "Story of St. Josemaria's first pilgrimage to Sonsoles."

Recent News

Our Lady's Power of Intercession

During a 1987 get-together with farm workers in Mexico, Bishop Alvaro del Portillo speaks about our Lady's great power of intercession before God.


Devotion to our Lady

"Jesus can't say no to his Mother," insisted Bishop Alvaro del Portillo, in a get-together in Boston in 1988.


“And the Angels render homage unto her”

Almighty God, Omnipotent and Infinitely Wise, had to choose his Mother. What would you have done, if you had had to choose yours? I think that you and I would have chosen the mother we have, filling her with all graces. That is what God did: and that is why, after the Blessed Trinity, comes Mary.

Daily Texts

“Don’t those who are in love always say the same things to each other?”

The holy Rosary is a powerful weapon. Use it with confidence and you will be amazed at the results. (The Way, 558)

Daily Texts

“Mary, teacher of the sacrifice that is hidden!”

Mary, teacher of the sacrifice that is hidden and silent! See her, nearly always in the background, co-operating with her Son; she knows, yet says nothing. (The Way, 509)

Daily Texts

“Mary, daughter of God the Father”

How villainous has been my behaviour and how unfaithful I have been to God's grace. My Mother, Refuge of sinners, pray for me. May I never again hinder God's work in my soul. (The Forge, 178)

Daily Texts

"Celebrating the glorification of our mother"

"We are celebrating the glorification of our mother, and it is only natural that we her children rejoice in a special way upon seeing how the most Blessed Trinity honors her." (Christ is Passing By, 171)

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