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A Revolution in Intimacy

A Revolution in Intimacy

Jesus forgives a sinful woman who anoints his feet and sets her on the path towards the freedom that flows from a pure heart.


Finally Living Together

Mimi always loved the party scene, but at some point she felt God wanted her to make a change. She worried about finding a boyfriend who would respect these changes, until she met Victor. They decided to make the effort to date in a Christian way, surprising their friends with their choice of not living together during the 5 years they were dating. Today, they are a point of reference for those same friends. As they see it, going against this cultural trend made their wedding day especially meaningful.

“The Adventure of Marriage”: Video-Series

In this series of six videos, Sole and Juampi, an Argentinian couple, share the story of their joys and sorrows, struggles and victories in their married life together. These six videos could serve as a resource for pre-marriage courses and for young couples.

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