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Crossing the Pyrenees: All of Them or None of Them

At the end of 1937 Saint Josemaría and some of the first members of Opus Dei and friends crossed the Pyrenees to the so-called national zone, where it was easier for Saint Josemaría to continue his priestly work. During this crossing, there were some particularly risky and difficult moments. The historian José Carlos Martín de la Hoz recounts one of them.

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Locked in the Legation of Honduras

In March 1937, in the middle of the civil war, Saint Josemaría spent four and a half months locked up with some members of Opus Dei and a dozen families in the Legation of Honduras, a building located very close to the Plaza de Emilio Castelar in Madrid, as it had diplomatic immunity. Those months of isolation were also a period of spiritual growth for Saint Josemaría and those who accompanied him.

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"Fragments of History": 10 Podcasts on the History of Opus Dei

In this podcast series, various historians speak about people and events in the life of Saint Josemaría and the history of Opus Dei. Over the next 10 weeks, a new podcast will be made available each week.

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Characters in a Divine Story

Based on the surprising story of Irene Kalpas, Pablo Pérez, Professor of Contemporary History at the University of Navarra, explains how the story of Opus Dei can be told through each of the people who have found their way to God in this institution of the Catholic Church.

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Dora & Blessed Alvaro: Sanctifying the Ordinary

The stories of Dora del Hoyo and Blessed Alvaro del Portillo - both in process of canonization - are very much connected. Both responded with fidelity to God's call to spread throughout the world the message that all of us can be saints in ordinary life, through ordinary work.

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