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The Others Are Ours (II)

“Caring for someone is not only healing a small wound, but looking at the person in their entirety, seeking their good both in this world and the next.” The second article on fraternal correction.

Fostering Interior Life

The Others Are Ours (I)

Friendliness and graciousness are the fertile soil for fostering fraternal correction. God acts through our relationships with those around us to draw out the best in us.

Fostering Interior Life

Fraternal Correction: A Help Along the Path to Holiness

Fraternal correction is a sincere and affectionate suggestion that a Christian gives to his or her neighbor to help them along the path to holiness. It is a means of spiritual progress by which a person can grow in self-knowledge, becoming aware of defects that might be hidden or disguised by self-love. It is often a necessary precondition to enable us to tackle those defects with God’s help, and so improve our Christian living.

Fostering Interior Life

Be concerned for each other

This year I would like to propose a few thoughts in the light of the Letter to the Hebrews “Let us be concerned for each other, to stir a response in love and good works.” These words offer a timely teaching on three aspects of Christian life: concern for others, reciprocity, and personal holiness.

Saint Josemaría