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Very Human, Very Divine (X): "I will follow you wherever you go"

The virtue of fortitude enables us to follow Jesus without being subject to changing conditions in our life and environment.

Fostering Interior Life

Character Built on Virtue

A new article in the series on forging a strong Christian personality. "Virtues reinforce our personality, rendering it stable and even-tempered. They enable us to rise above ourselves."

Fostering Interior Life

Women of courage

In a gathering with Chilean girls in Santiago, July 7, 1974, St Josemaria Escriva, founder of Opus Dei, talked about the holy women who appear in the Gospel.

Pray with Saint Josemaría


Strength of spirit, or fortitude, helps us cope with difficulties and overcome our limitations. For Christians, Christ is our example of how to practise fortitude, the virtue that opens the way to many others.

Fostering Interior Life