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Letter from the Prelate (19 March 2022): Fidelity

In this pastoral letter, the Prelate of Opus Dei reflects on some consequences of being faithful to Christ and to the vocation to the Work, following the teachings of Saint Josemaria.

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"Only in Christ is there love without reserve or changes of mind"

In his Wednesday October 24 general audience, Pope Francis spoke about the Sixth Commandment and the requirement of fidelity.

From the Church and the Pope

Learning to be Faithful

Being faithful to a person, a love, a vocation is a path that requires both human loyalty and reliance on God's grace.

Fostering Interior Life

Letter from the Prelate (March 2014)

The Prelate focuses on the virtues of fidelity and loyalty, in the context of the centennial of Alvaro del Portillo's birth.

Pastoral Letters and Messages