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Thanks, Dora!

Thanks to Dora's intercession, we were able to sell some land and a house which had been for sale for many years without being sold.


How Dora del Hoyo Helps Me

People who knew Dora and who worked alongside her talk about how they habitually pray to her intercession.


After the Ninth Prayer Card

I couldn't get through on a helpline one day, so after several attempts I prayed to Dora to help me. After the ninth prayer card I phoned again and immediately got through.


Lost Pastport

I lost my passport with my Canadian and US Visa at the Toronto Airport. After praying to Dora, I called that night the lost and found department at the airport...


It Seemed Humanly Impossible

I am writing to report two favors which I received in the last year through the intercession of Dora. Thanks to her, I was able to find and keep the job that I love.


My New Shoes

I want to write about a small favor that Dora did for me today. A week ago, I bought a pair of shoes. I had only worn the shoes four times before they broke. I decided to entrust the issue to Dora.