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Brave, Passionate, and Full of Faith

Inma Alva, a historian investigating Opus Dei's beginnings, talks about the first women members: “What stands out is their capacity for great undertakings, their passion, and their enormous faith in the face of difficulties.”​

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Who is Encarnita Ortega?

Who is Encarnita Ortega?

Life and Stories

Biography of Encarnita Ortega

In 1941 she attended a retreat preached by St. Josemaria Escrivá in Alaquas (Valencia) and received from God the grace of a vocation to Opus Dei.

Life and Stories

Favors received through Encarnita's intercession

Seeking the intercession of men and women who have died with a reputation for holiness is a common practice in the Catholic Church. Examples of favors received through the intercession of Encarnita follow.


News about Encarnita Ortega's Cause

​In February 2014, the Congregation for the Causes of Saints granted the Decree of Validity for the Process and the Positio is now being drawn up.


Prayer for Encarnita's Intercession

Prayer for private devotion.

Encarnita Ortega

The Best Gift St. Josemaria Received

On March 14th, 1946, Dora del Hoyo became the first to join Opus Dei as an assistant numerary. She has inspired thousands of women all over the world to dedicate themselves to spreading the universal call to holiness through their professional work of caring for the home.

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