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The Great Discovery

Ulf and Brigitta Ekman talk about their long path to the Catholic Church in this conference during the IX Symposium of St. Josemaría - Faith and Society in Jaén, Spain in November 2018. When John Paul II visited Sweden in 1989, Ulf Ekman was a Lutheran pastor praying for God to protect his country from Catholicism. He joined the Catholic Church in 2014 and, when Pope Francis visited his country (in 2016) he prayed for the trip to contribute to interfaith dialogue, in humility and charity.

Personal testimonies

“I discovered that Catholics read the Bible”

Larissa, who was Protestant, had a Catholic boyfriend in Brazil. At first she thought he was going to convert (and he vice versa). There came a time when their differences seemed unsolvable. But Google helped to solve the problem.

Personal testimonies