“If we are humble, God will never abandon us”

Those periods of depression, because you see your defects or because others discover them, have no foundation... Ask for true humility. (Furrow, 262)

‘The greater you are, the more in all things abase yourself, and you shall find favour with God’ [1]. If we are humble, God will never abandon us. He humbles the arrogance of the proud, but he saves the humble. He frees the innocent man, who is rescued because his hands are clean [2]. The infinite mercy of Our Lord is not slow in coming to the aid of those who humbly call upon him. And then he acts as he truly is, as God Almighty. Although there may be many dangers, though the soul may feel harassed and find itself surrounded on all sides by the enemies of its salvation, it will not perish. This is not merely something that was true in days gone by. It continues to happen now...

We ourselves are also called to destroy many idols, not by doing anything spectacular but by living with the naturalness of an ordinary Christian, sowing peace and joy around us. In this way we will topple the idols of misunderstanding, of injustice, of ignorance, and of those who claim to be self-sufficient and arrogantly turn their backs on God.

Don’t be frightened; don’t fear any harm, even though the circumstances in which you work are terrible, worse even than those of Daniel in the pit with all those ferocious beasts. God’s hand is as powerful as ever and, if necessary, he will work miracles. (Friends of God, 104-105)

[1] Sir 3:20

[2] cf Job 22:29-30

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