“For us death is Life”

Keep going forward cheerfully and trying hard, even though you are so little - nothing at all! When you are with Him nobody in the world can stop you. Consider, moreover, how everything is good for those who love God. Every problem in this world has a solution, except death, and for us death is Life. (The Forge, 1001)

If you are an apostle, death for you will be a good friend who helps you on your way. (The Way, 735)

For 'others', death is a stumbling block, a source of terror. For us, death--Life--is an encouragement and a stimulus. For them it is the end: for us, the beginning. (The Way, 738)

Don't be afraid of death. Accept it from now on, generously... when God wills it, where God wills it, as God wills it. Don't doubt what I say: it will come in the moment, in the place and in the way that are best: sent by your Father-God. Welcome be our sister death! (The Way, 739)

If this were the only life we had, life would be a cruel joke. It would be hypocrisy, evil, selfishness, betrayal. (The Forge, 1000)

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