Toni helped me sell my property

Toni Zweifel was born on February 15, 1938. Here is a recent favour reported from the Philippines.

For more than three years now my husband and I have been trying to sell a piece of our land (which has no right-of-way to access it). In October, I received some prayer cards of Toni Zweifel but I had little interest in them at that time.

A month later, those prayer cards seemed to appear frequently among the files I was using. So I started to pray, asking his help to give us a buyer for our land as soon as possible. We urgently needed a big amount to help a member of the family and the sale would help solve our problem. I prayed the card of Toni many times and I began to regard him as my big brother.

A week later, our real estate agent informed us that a client of theirs had bought the plot in front of our land and that they offered to buy our property as well. I intensified my prayer using Toni’s prayer card. There was a series of on and off negotiations, but each week there was always some positive development. In the end, that client bought our property at a price acceptable to us.

I give thanks to Toni for his great help and very timely intercession. I will continue to spread devotion to him.


Makati City, Philippines