Saint Thomas More as Intercessor of Opus Dei

The feast of Saint Thomas More is celebrated on 22 June. An article by Andrew Hegarty published in "Studia et Documenta," vol. 8 – 2014.

Abstract: St. Thomas More appears to have been chosen as the fourth saintly Intercessor of Opus Dei in mid-1954. Means and influences (especially publications) by which St. Josemaría might have come to relatively precocious knowledge of, and appreciation for, the English martyr before that date. Several ways in which the saint was an apposite Intercessor. Development of the Founder’s regard for, and recourse to, him during visits to England 1958-62. A relic and a painting. A doubt. Changed circumstances in the early 1960s and the 1964 nomination of St. Catherine of Siena as fifth Intercessor, taking over a portion of St. Thomas More’s intercessory role.

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