Favors received from prayers to Montse Grases

Seeking the intercession of men and women who have died with a reputation for holiness is a common practice in the Catholic Church. Examples of favors received through the intercession of Montse follow.

Straight A’s

A few days ago I was waiting anxiously for a public examination result. I decided to resort to the use of the prayer card to Montserrat Grases. I had my favour granted when I obtained straight A’s in that examination.

JP (Petaling Jaya, Malaysia)

Two, of many favours

I am writing to let you know of the graces and blessings given to me through the intercession of Monsterrat Grases. Through prayer I have asked for many favours of this Servant of God. All have been answered.

The recent birth of my nephew to infertile parents was a miracle. Also, only last week my boyfriend was about to end our two year beautiful relationship due to previous pain in an earlier relationship. I prayed so heard that his heart would be melted, and that we could be reunited, so that our love would reflect the Love of God, and for healing of memories and pain. Praise God, we are together again and he is healing as any. I thank Monsterrat Grases for the graces and blessings she has requested for me and my family and friends from our Lord Jesus Christ. I thank my Father in Heaven with all my heart.

With all my love

LP (Fareham, England).

PS These are just two of many favours.

I want to receive a reply today!

In January I sent an article for submission to an academic journal and I entrusted the matter to Montse. The editor replied immediately saying that he was going to send the article for blind review and that he would let me know the outcome.

At some stage I enquired, and the editor replied that he had not received the review.

I prayed the prayer for private devotion to Montse every so often, asking her intercession to get the article accepted.

On 8 March I went hiking with a friend and at some stage I remembered the article. I told Montse that I had to receive a reply that very day. After the hike, in the evening, now back home, I received the reply. The reviewer made a number of observations and suggestions, so I still need to work on the article. But what I had asked for was a reply that day, and it was granted by our Lord through Monste’s intercession. I had asked my fellow hiker to pray also for that intention, so he is a witness that my petition was granted.

KM (Dalkey, Ireland)

It won’t rain!

My sister and her husband were in London on holiday for a week. They wanted to visit Oxford, and I offered to accompany them on the Saturday, preferring not to go on Sunday. I then found out that the weather forecast for Saturday was that it was going to rain most of the day, while Sunday was going to be sunny. I pointed this out to them; but they wanted to go ahead as planned

I prayed to Montse for good weather, and it was so all through the morning. It only rained while we were having lunch at a restaurant. Just as we were leaving, as it seemed that it would continue raining, they opened their umbrellas. I told them that I had not brought an umbrella, so sure I was that it was not going to rain. As we went out the door, my brother-in-law replied, “Indeed, the umbrellas are not needed.” It had stopped raining. They closed their umbrellas, and we had a sunny afternoon and evening, and a transparent blue sky.

They were delighted with the visit, and I thanked Montse.

FM (London, England)

A birthday present?

This is to record a favour after praying to Montse Grases. A foot injury recovered a lot quicker than I would have expected. Yesterday was her birthday, and I asked her on that account.

I also heard that XX who had breast cancer and for whom I was praying to Montse is now in “full remission”. I continue to pray for her return to the faith, which has not yet happened.

Fr. NN (Oxford, England)

A child saved

My second child was born two months premature and weighed less than five pounds. A few hours after his birth, he was diagnosed with a cerebral hemorrhage that seriously impeded his breathing and muscle development. He was gasping continually for breath. The chest X-ray showed his lung totally collapsed.

When alone with my son, I prayed to Montse Grases, whose Cause of Canonization had begun and whom I had known during her final years. I asked Montse to intercede and save his life.

After a while the gasping subsided and then disappeared completely. The doctor on duty came in and observed that the baby showed signs of muscle development.

Ten or twelve hours later, they took another chest X-ray and saw that his lung was normal. From then on, the baby developed normally.

The day before, due to our child’s critical condition, we had asked a well-known doctor who was a friend of the family to look at him and see if there was anything he could do. But by the time he arrived the baby had completely recovered. He didn’t understand why we had asked him to come so urgently. But when he looked at the X-ray taken a few hours before, he said he had never seen a lung so closed. He was amazed at the quick recovery.

When my son was brought to church for the baptismal ceremony - a nurse had already baptized him at birth - we gave him his father’s name and then Salvador [which means “Savior” in Spanish] as a second name, since we consider his survival a miracle.

Our son is now studying engineering. He gets very good grades and suffers no side-effects.

I’ve always attributed his cure to the intercession of Montse Grases, to whom I entrusted him with so much faith at such a difficult moment.


A bone disease

Two years ago, our first daughter was born with a serious bone disease. In common parlance, she was a “glass-bone child.” The attending physicians considered her condition critical and gave no hope for her survival.

I was familiar with Montse’s life and death and prayed to her periodically. I intended to make a novena this time but it turned out to be more than that, since I still continue praying to her for my child. My daughter now says ‘good night’ to the Child Jesus, to the Blessed Virgin, and to her “good friend” Montse.

The X-rays show the improvement of her bone condition. She now walks and moves about like any other child.

We believe it was Montse who brought about such a miraculous recovery.

G.A. and J.V.