Favor after favor

With this story, I wish to thank Dora for all the times she has lent me a hand. If it were not for her, many times I wouldn't make it to the end of day.

I work in the service sector, in a kitchen. Yesterday our fridge broke, with all that that implies. We had few staff and not much time, and being almost at the end of the month, the setup costs were going to be exorbitant, so I did everything in my power and also turned to my colleague, because for me, Dora is one more on my team, and I said to her, "Dora, this is in your hands. See if you can fix it. I bet you can." I prayed a few prayer cards. I did not finish the novena when I heard something like the engine going into gear after having been off all morning.

Today I returned to work, and there was the fridge, chilly as ever. Thank you, Dora for teaching me the value of the little things.

A. M. O. (Spain)