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“It is worthwhile!” (III): Making Time an Ally

“Our feelings need to be formed, to mature, to learn; they tell us the truth about ourselves and about our relationships. We need to make this aspect of our being an integral part of our response to God, in order to be able to make decisions that involve our life in time.”

From the Prelate: Enlarging the Heart

Considerations about Christian social action in light of the message of St. Josemaría, from Mons. Fernando Ocáriz, Prelate of Opus Dei.

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Meditations: Friday of the Second Week of Advent

Some reflections that can assist our prayer as we prepare for our Lord's coming at Christmas.

Fostering Interior Life

"Prayer means opening my heart to Jesus"

In his 28 September general audience, Pope Francis continued his cycle of catechesis on spiritual discernment, speaking about prayer.

From the Church and the Pope

Meditations: Saturday of the Second Week of Advent

Some reflections that can assist our prayer during this time of preparation for our Lord's imminent arrival at Christmas.

Celebrating 10 Years of Service to Society

On 17 September, the Strathmore fraternity gathered to celebrate 10 years of the Macheo Achievement Program and the Financial Aid office. It was a celebration to mark a decade of life-changing financial support, character formation and service to society.

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Meditations: Sunday of the Third Week in Advent

Some reflections that can assist our prayer on this Sunday in Advent.

Fostering Interior Life

What is the social doctrine of the Church?

On the path of the salvation of each person, the Church is concerned about the entire human family and its needs, even in the material and social sphere. For this reason, it develops a guide, a social doctrine that forms consciences and helps the faithful live according to the Gospel and human nature itself.

Fostering Interior Life

Meditations: Monday of the Third Week of Advent

Some reflections that can assist our prayer as we begin the 3rd week in Advent.

Fostering Interior Life

Be to Care: Brainstorming Before the Centenary of Opus Dei

Looking toward the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the foundation of Opus Dei (2028-2030), the centenary committee invited professionals working in social initiatives inspired by St. Josemaría or encouraged by his teachings to meet and share their experiences.

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