Watch Guadalupe's Beatification Ceremony Live

This website will offer a live broadcast of Guadalupe's beatification ceremony on May 18th, as well as the Mass of Thanksgiving on May 19th. The Opus Dei Facebook page and EWTN (Spanish channels) will also broadcast the beatification live.

Opus Dei - Watch Guadalupe's Beatification Ceremony Live

The link to follow both ceremonies will be available at:

18 May, 11 am (Spain time) 10 am (UK time): A live-broadcast will begin shortly before the start of Holy Mass at 11.00 am in Madrid, Spain (GMT+2) on Saturday, May 18th. The link above will provide two screens: one transmitting the Mass in Spanish and the other providing alternating commentary in English and French.

19 May, 12 pm (Spain time) 11am (UK time): The live-stream will begin shortly before 12 noon in Madrid, Spain (11.00am UK time) on Sunday, May 19th.

On both days after the ceremonies, a 20-minute summary video will be offered on this website, for those who wish to see or remember the most important moments.

Other ways to watch

On Facebook: The beatification ceremony will be available live on the Opus Dei Facebook page:

The ceremonies can also be viewed via the Guadalupe Beatification App or one of the following television channels:

- EWTN (United States)

May 18 Mass of Beatification (in U.S. Eastern Time):

  • EWTN Domestic Spanish: Live at 0500, encore at 1530
  • EWTN International Spanish: Live at 0500, encore at 1730

- 13tv (Spain)

- Canção Nova (Brazil)

- Cristovisión (Colombia)

- TV Familia (Venezuela)

- MA Visión (Mexico)

- ESNE TV (Mexico)

- TVCa (El Salvador)

- JN19 (Peru)

- Laudato TV (Croatia)

- Telepace (Italy)