Audiobook on Spotify: "Letters to a Saint"

A new audiobook of "Letters to a Saint," a selection of letters from Blessed Guadalupe Ortiz de Landázuri to Saint Josemaria Escriva, for the feast of Blessed Guadalupe.

When Guadalupe Ortiz, a chemistry teacher, first met Saint Josemaría in 1944, she discovered that God was offering her a path to holiness in the middle of the world, through her professional work. A few months after that encounter, she wrote him a letter beginning, like all her letters to him from then on, “Father,” in which she asked to join Opus Dei. That was the first of 350 letters that she wrote to him, beginning on 19 March 1944, and ending on 22 June 1975, four days before Saint Josemaría died in Rome.

Letters to a Saint is a selection of those letters, grouped into five chapters according to five central aspects of Guadalupe’s life, which can also offer light for people living in the 21st Century.

The audiobook is now available for the first time and can be found on Spotify. (It will be available on other podcast platforms soon.)

Listen to the first episode here:

Download the free ebook or order a hard copy here.