Favors received from prayers to Ernesto Cofiño

Seeking the intercession of men and women who have died with a reputation for holiness is a common practice in the Catholic Church. Some favors received through the intercession of Dr. Ernesto follow.

Photo: Storyvillgirl

An unknown infection

My grandson was running a high temperature for six days. The antibiotics given him over the last four days didn’t seem to have any effect. The following morning we brought him to the hospital with a high temperature, diarrhea and vomiting. Tests taken during the day revealed a high level of white corpuscles, but could not localize the source of the infection.

At midday the doctor let us know he was worried. That night the pediatricians decided to suspend all medications and see how he got on during the night. I left my grandchild and his mother in the hospital thinking that, without the help of the medicines, it was gong to be a very long night for them. I returned home very anxious indeed.

At home I felt urged to pray. I thought of Dr. Cofiño, but I couldn’t find the prayer card for him. Nevertheless I started to ask him to intercede with God for us so He would enlighten the pediatricians and help my grandson to recover soon.

The following morning it was a completely different picture. During the night he had slept well. That day the temperature dropped, the diarrhea and vomiting gradually stopped and his appetite returned. The next day he left the hospital and quickly recovered, needing no medication at all. My thanks to Dr. Cofiño. A. de F.

The baby we were hoping for

My husband and I were asking Dr. Cofiño to intercede for us so that my son’s wife would get pregnant. After asking for two months, we received the joyful news that a baby was on the way. This is a favor for which we thank God and Dr. Cofiño.