“It's not enough to be good; you need to show it”

It's not enough to be good; you need to show it. What would you say of a rose bush which produced only thorns? (Furrow, 735)

You understood the meaning of friendship when you began to feel that you were like the shepherd of a little flock which you had left abandoned, but were now trying to gather together again, taking it upon yourself to serve each one of them. (Furrow, 730)

You cannot just be passive. You have to become a real friend of your friends. You can help them first with the example of your behavior and then with your advice and with the influence that a close friendship provides. (Furrow, 731)

Meditate upon this carefully and act accordingly: people who think you are unpleasant will stop thinking that when they realize that you really like them. It is up to you. (Furrow, 734)

You consider yourself a friend because you say nothing bad. That is true, but I see in you no sign of giving good example or service. This kind make the worst friends. (Furrow, 740)

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